Thursday, September 28, 2006

Paint By Numbers

Two Steps back again. I got a call from my graphics guy saying that they did not want to take on either the Grinch or the Blind Mule logo. Too time consuming for them. Frustrating.

The only other options seem to be for me to try a local source and offer to do the time consuming part myself or just to hire a good sign man to paint the pieces on. Either way it looks like it is going to get expensive. Maybe even more than it might be worth.

On the other hand, they did promise to get the rest of the order out that day. This included the numbers for the sides and nose and the drivers name.

We had just put Hugh’s new numbers on his car and they look really good. He went with red letters this time to go over his all white body. I like the new paint scheme. It shows up the shape of the car very well. The graphics really set it off nicely. Makes it look like a serious racing car.

* * *
We got the silver on the top part of the car done and have just sprayed the black on the side panels.

Once again the shade tree spray booth has come in handy. We found an added benefit in a low reaching limb. It makes a great place to hang small parts that need to be painted on all sides.

I had decided to stay with the existing side air scoops for the moment. I don’t like them, but with the deadline rapidly approaching I need to spend the time dong other things rather than that. It ain’t broke, so don’t mess with it……yet.
* * *
The graphics package arrived and looks good. The silver numbers for the sides are nice and the black numbers for the nose look fine. There was one small problem in that the drivers name letters came in silver. That will not show up well on a silver background.

I sent an e-mail to Jim explaining the problem. He got right back to me and promised to ship the name panels in black that day.

Quick commercial here:
Every dealing I have had with SR Racing has been a good one. They are quick to respond, easy to work with and generous with advice and knowledge. Give them a try when you need something. If they can’t do it, they will tell you so rather than wasting your time.


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