Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Lo Go

We made back half a step.
I found a local shop who would take on the Grinch and the blind mule logo. Should be ready next Wednesday. We'll see how it works out.
* * *
I got around to asking why the Grinch was called the Grinch.
Luanne, Gary's fair lady, explained it to me.
It seemed that Gary and his brother Wayne had developed a reputation for showing up late for races. Often late enough that their names didn't even make it to the printed grid sheets. In spite of that they were winning a fair portion of the ones they entered.
The whole time they were building the car with their Dad they were kidding around about sneaking in at the last moment, with a home made car and stealing the race like the Grinch stole Christmas
It would be nice to fulfill the plot line with a win but it didn't happen that way. They had overheating problems and finished third.
So much for stealing Christmas.
The Grinch didn't get away with it either.


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