Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bench Races with Barry

On Friday, after recovering from too much turkey and football, Hugh and I drove to Morgan City to visit Barry Bussard and take a look at his new car.

It is impressive. That 1600 cc engine is going to be something to reckon with. It looks even more frightening with that huge carburetor and after-market intake manifold on it. Fortunately, Barry knows that it is way outside our limits and in making plans to use one that fits the rules.

He is currently in the process of making the car safe and legal, by installing an on board fire suppression system, new fuel cell, etc.

His only other major problem will be cooling. I am told that the 1600 engine really puts out a lot of heat and takes twice as much cooling as the 1200’s. The conventional wisdom is that it needs at least twenty four square inches of controlled intake cooling duct to prevent the heads from overheating.

It is a Zink C4, similar to Mikes. It is amazing that two cars that started out exactly alike can now look so different.

We spent and hour or so going over it, looking at details, making suggestions, discussing options, and doing some bench racing.

You have to do the bench racing…..It’s a rule.


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Blogger Shane said...


Had a great time at NPR today watching GBRS.

Thanks to Hugh for taking some time to chat with me in the paddock and letting me check out his car! He also didn't mind my boys (3 and 4 1/2 years old) leaning all over the car. Luckily, they didn't break anything!!!!

I live in Thibodaux and have been attending events at NPR since it opened - club events (Porsche, BMW, etc, Ferrari FQ classic, etc, etc, etc). I've had the racing bug for quite a while and I think FV might be the ticket. I've been researching FV racing for about a year and it really is the best bing-for-the-buck

I really think that FV is going to really take off at NPR in the next few years. It'll just take a few guys to convince the wife.... HeHeHe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway...thanks again Hugh! Enjoyed chatting with you! Hope to race against you one day!!!!!!!

2:33 PM  

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