Sunday, March 02, 2008

Role Call

Hugh has been showing up for every race and has been doing well. His stack of first place trophies has grown from one to five and he has locked up the season championship for the class.

Unfortunately he remains the only one in the class. A win is a win however, no matter which way you slice it. I just wish we had some competition for him. Everyone had the same opportunity to show up. What had looked so promising at the beginning of the season has not worked out as well as hoped.

My difficulties you know about.

Barry was feeling as discouraged as I was, but at least he had been able to get his car on the track for some practice sessions and the starts of a couple of races. With Oren’s help he is on the road to recovery. He hopes to make the Charity race.

Rory White, who had given Hugh his only defeat last year, has purchased a Formula Continental car (much faster class but still open wheel) and has elected to race it instead of the Formula First. Since both classes run at the same time and Rory could only drive one at a time, he sold the Panther to John Hose.

John also owns two cars. His other racer is a Corvette. At least he they are in different classes which don’t run simultaneously. All the same, John has not made it to the track yet. In either class. He complains about not getting enough time away from work or some other such lame excuse. He needs to get his priorities straight.

Mike Norton, who is still an owner in the restaurant, has taken over the management on an engineering company. Between those two pass times, (and Bonnie’s growing list of honeydos on the new house they purchased after the hurricane got their old one) Mike has his plate very full. His car is up for sale.

No one has heard from Gary lately.

So for the moment there it sits. There is one more race left in this season with the second annual charity race to follow. Hugh has the class championship locked up and no one is likely to oppose him unless Barry gets there faster than expected. All that nice momentum we had developed has ground to a halt. We need a jump start to get it rolling again.

And I have an idea.


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