Sunday, February 10, 2008

Making Sure My *ss Stays Covered....

With season over it was easy to let things slide a bit. You get out of the habit of going out to the carport every day to do your task on the car. Besides that it was summer and the temperatures were in the high nineties and the humidity was approaching emanate rain fall.

In spite of that you realize that the new season is coming and you need to get in gear. Well, where do you start? What is the biggest problem?

The floor pan. OK, Study the floor pan.

I did, and discovered that maybe; after all, it did not have to be totally replaced in order to protect my delicate posterior. But it would require some surgery.

I put the car up on jack stands and got under it.

With a grinder and a drill I removed all the pop rivets which attached the section of the pan which was improperly lapped and I cut loose the trailing edge of the panel in front of it. Then I reinstalled the offending panel with its front edge tucked under the panel in front of it.

Now if the car hits a rough spot in the track, ( like when one wheel is off the track in the dirt and one is still on the track and you are bouncing along, almost high centered, on the pavement edge) the front edge of the seat panel would not dig in and peel it self away from what it is supposed to support and protect.

ME. We must protect ME at all times. It is important for health reasons. You see, I am allergic to pain. It makes me break out in a nasty rash all over.

So that is one thing fixed (unless the car is going over the same route backwards in which case you have a host of other problems). And it only took three days.

Good start. Next problem.

The binding front suspension.

I had almost given up trying to figure that one out. It was time to go to the mountain. It was time for a pilgrimage to Hammond.

I called Gary and made the arrangements.


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