Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ready To Roll

The new axle arrived right on schedule. It was exactly like the old one.

By this time we had redrilled the old one to match the alignment holes and found out a way to mount it but the clearances were awfully tight and I wasn’t happy with it.

I was concerned that I had made some kind of assembly mistake which had created the problem, so I called the company. They suggested that I loosen everything up, reinstall the axle, then tighten everything back down.

Now, this is not rocket science. I could look at it and know that this was a sellers stalling technique. It would not get the job done.

Since I had two axles now, I took one of them to my handy dandy local welder and told him to "stretch" it for me. He is splicing in plates, which will keep the same strength in the axle but make it four inches longer.

After that I’ll re-drill the puppy and install it the way I think it should be.

There’s always more than one way to skin a cat.


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