Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Trailor

After the Testing session.

Going over the list of things to do before the next race is less intimidating than I thought it was going to be. It’s long, but not too frightening. Especially since we have about six-week’s time to work with. Although I must remember to factor into that Christmas, New Years day football, a trip to Florida for the final punch out on my aunt’s house and a trip to Houston to get the tow car legalities straightened out. Still it looks doable.

More importantly right now is the dirty deal the weather is pulling. The temperature for the last two nights has been below freezing. Our work area is out of doors. And shaded. Not good for arthritic fingers. Remember that I am a gentleman of the south. I consider that any place that habitually gets temperatures under fifty four degrees is uninhabitable.
Still, they’re a couple of things that can be done.

The trailer kit from RedTrailers has arrived. All it requires is bolting together. That can be done with gloves on.

Rather than lay every thing out in the driveway (which is already crowded with two trucks, a trailer, a Mercedes and a Porsche) we elected to do the first part of the construction in the work area. I’m not sure we did the right thing, because when it is mostly assembled (which is done with the trailer up side down) we will still have to move it outside to install the axles and wheels. Because of the confined space we can’t easily flip it under the carport.

Anyway the worst part is done now. We did a little welding on a few points just to add some strength and to fill the gaps where the manufacturer had neglected to drill some holes.

I discovered, after I had ordered the trailer, that I had made a mistake. I ordered the "landscape trailer" kit knowing I would have to make modifications to get what I wanted. (Like throwing away a lot of parts I didn’t need and wouldn’t use) Had I studied their website a little longer I might have found a trailer base they designed to use as base for "Teardrop" campers, which would have been perfect. And I would also be a hundred dollars richer.

Once the wheels are on there is only one little step left to do. That will be to get a "stick" of twelve inch by two inch U girt from a local metal building fabricator. It comes in thirty foot lengths. I will have that cut to the right sizes to put on the trailer to function as loading ramps, wheel tacks, and tire holding areas.

Like I said, the parts to build things for formula cars are all there. You just have to find out who is hiding them.


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