Thursday, March 22, 2007

We're Racing Now!

It has finally happened.

On the next to last race of the season, we had more than one formula first racer in the field.
Barry Brussard had his Zink C-4 out and Rory White rolled is primer gray Panther to the line. Hugh filled out the field.

Mike Norton had a business engagement and couldn’t make it and I was still fighting front end problems and didn’t bring mine.

All the same it was nice that we had the beginnings of a class to run in and it actually began to show as soon as the flag dropped.

Hugh was grided first with Barry behind him and Rory in third. As soon as the starter waved the green flag, Rory slipped by Hugh and Barry took off. Hugh was able to stay with him but was not able to get past. It stayed that way for the rest for the race. Hugh was right behind him and had several chances to make a move, but didn’t.

Barry was having the usual "first race" problems. He seemed to have plenty of acceleration and good stopping power. Too much maybe, because somewhere during the first few laps he shut down all together and cloud not get it restarted. There seemed to be excess oil on the engine surface and we were worried about engine failure. (The next day we got a phone call from him telling us that the problem had more to do with an empty gas tank than with engine ailments).

In later conversations with Hugh, I learned that he had not felt comfortable trying to pass Rory anywhere on the track.

I tried to explain to him that he needed to get over that pretty quick.

After all, that’s what racing is all about.


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