Saturday, May 12, 2007

Heading For the Brickyard

We got through the last race of the season.

Hugh an Rory had a nice run and even swapped positions a time or two. It looked like they were having fun. Rory finished in front with Hugh right on his tail.

The rest of us duds didn’t make it out. Mike had a business obligation, Barry’s car wasn’t ready and neither was mine.

Since it was the season’s final race they handed out the awards at a party after the final session. Hugh finished fourth in the open wheel class, which is pretty good considering what he was running against.

They also announced that there would be a special event coming up on June third. It is a charity race to raise money for the Autism society. Any excuse will work for us.

The chances of my being ready for that are slim. I have been working on the trailer, which is now close to being finished, and I have obtained some offset bushings, which I hope will solve the binding problem in the front end. Still the time from now till than is tight.

Also I have to factor in another little deal.

At long last I am finally going to go to the Indy 500.

My friend Bruce Hunninghake, an old vee racer and former garage mate, had invited me up to go and this is going to be the year. I am looking forward both to seeing him and seeing the race.


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so how was the race???

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