Monday, June 25, 2007

Extra, Extra!

Not selling papers, but an extra race for the season. It would not count in the points but that did not matter, it was a chance to get on the track and have some fun.

We were holding a race in order to help raise money for autistic kids in the form of a group called Unlocking Autism. They had gotten behind the organisers and had helped canvas businesses and individuals for sponsorships and contributions.

In addition they put on a series of other events in conjunction with the races.
For example, the day started with a two-mile foot race around the track. The first two runners came across the finish line in less than ten minutes but the walkers were still straggling in twenty minutes later. Every one had fun with it anyway.

There were several booths selling stuff and handing out info for the group. In addition they had out some neat cars to look at and lots of stuff like that. It was a much bigger party than we usually get at a race and there were a lot more spectators.
Hugh did his bit too by having some of the kids come over and sit in the car to have their pictures taken. The big thing seemed to be getting to sit in the car with their heads swallowed by his helmet.

We had a couple of practice and qualifying sessions in the morning, before the lunch break. I did get one good shot of him in the early session.

At lunch time there was another bonus. Amanda Shaw is a fifteen-year-old Cajun fiddler and singer. She has just released her first CD and seems to be on the verge of a big career.

She brought her band and set up under one of the work sheds to entertain the crowd. We don’t often have it this good.

One of the drivers took her for a couple of laps around the course in a Viper. It was pretty quick and when she came in her eyes had grown about three times their normal size and her hair two shades redder.

Everyone had a great time and I think they are looking into making it an annual event. It is a national organisation and we were able to raise enough money to keep the nationwide twenty-four hour help line in operation for a year.

After lunch we got down to doing some racing and Hugh did himself proud, finishing first in his class.
Of course he was the only one in the class…………..


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