Friday, July 18, 2008

Musical Cars

It is starting to look like the formula one “silly season”. In formula one’s off season the drivers play hop scotch with the different teams as they align the next years rides. With us it seems to be the cars.

Hugh an I had helped Mike Norton find and purchase a car from a guy in North Carolina. We had even gone over to Georgia and picked it up for him. As it turned out, Mike got so busy he wasn’t able to race the car at all and decided to sell. We got busy and found him a buyer.

The car has now been purchased by Gary Scurlock, the Wizard of Hammond. Gary took it to his first outing a week ago and had a ball. I think he is hooked for good. I went out and crewed for him, just to help out.

We now have five cars, for sure, for next season. Eventually, Gary will probably finish the Autodynamics he was already working on and we might have still another.

John Hose sold the Panther he bought from Rory to Pat Fox without even driving the car. I think he has decided to race his Corvette instead. That’s a shame but not all bad. At least he will still be racing.

Fox is an ex-drag racer who specialized in Volkswagen powered cars. He has decided to try road racing and has also purchased a second Vee which he plans to use as a rental car. That will be a big help. Not only will we have another car racing but with a rental car available, people will be able to try out the cars to see if they are interested in the class.

Barry should have his C4 ready again by the beginning of the season. He has also purchased a Spec-Miata and is planning to drive them both. Good thing they run in different classes. I don’t know what is happening with Oren and his plans to build a car. So once again it looks like we have a promising field.

Hugh Warrior

Frank Grinch Phoenix ?

Gary Zink C4 Autodynamics ?

Barry Zink C4

Pat Panther Rental Car ?

If we get five cars out and people can see how much fun we are having, the class will really start to grow.

I like that.


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