Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday December 5

The Grinch stayed true to its traditions. We worked all day yesterday to get things ready to go. Charge batteries; adjust throttle return cables and a number of other little things that need to be done. Then came the test; no body but we took the running shell around the track. Will it complete a lap or quit somewhere on the back side of the course?

They never quit close to the pit or work area. The shifter needs to be relocated was the first thing I learned. The side safety bar is in the way to shift effectively. That can be adjusted; other than that, not bad. It pulls strong in second and third gear. Lot more torque than in a 1200 cc engine. I got it going fast enough that the borrowed helmet kept trying to lift off my head, probably in the 70 to 80mph range on the straights. It tracked solid and ran thru the corners so easily it made the warrior feel stiff. Very smooth and plenty of pull left. But like I said, just a test lap so lets don’t get carried away; back in the pits to make a few adjustments.

Brother would have been smiling from ear to ear I am sure. It worked just like it was supposed to. Tomorrow the body will be here and we will be able to tell a little more then. Right now it is time to go home and see if the Gators can beat Bama.

You can see all the photos from the Frank Lamb project here


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