Friday, October 06, 2006

Riding High and Running Late

Well, it is official. I won’t make the first race this month.

It turned out that the race was one weekend sooner than I had thought. There is just no way to get it done in time.

Especially since I discovered the front end problem.

I had noticed that the front beam seemed to have an awfully high ride height. I suspected that this might be partially due to worn out shocks that did not want to function properly. Surprise . Surprise.

When I took the shocks loose the front lifted up another three inches. Not good.

A couple of quick measurements showed me that the clearance between the bottom of the chassis and the ground in the rear was two and a half inches. In the front it was five and a half inches unloaded. Even with me in the car it was still going to be too high. The car would go down the track looking like a dog sliding his rear.

On top of that we had other problems. The starter on Hugh’s car had gone out and would not turn the engine over. The solenoid worked but not the starter.

This meant we had to find a new starter or take the one off my car and put it on his so he could run.

Fortunately, a few phone calls solved the problem and I had one ordered which would be in the next day. Hugh had a chance to fish a private lake filled with trophy bass that day and was not about to miss it. I didn’t blame him, so we planned to make the change on Thursday.

The next morning I picked up the stater and since it was Wednesday, went by to pick up the Logo and the Grinch to put on my car. Naturally they were not ready. “Please come back at four”. Around two thirty in the afternoon I got a phone call from the girl in the back room who was just beginning to do the work which was supposed to be ready at four. From the conversation it didn’t take long to realise she didn’t know what the hell she was doing.

I went by the shop at fifteen minutes to five, thinking I give them all the time I could. They had closed early.

I don’t usually deal with Tony’s Tinting any more. This kind of behaviour was the reason. I had been through something like this with them before. They had done the numbers for Hugh on this spray can paint job. The numbers were ok when we finally got them (late) except for being the wrong numbers. They did them again and finally got it right. Somehow they never have enough time to do it right the first time but always find time to do it over.

We have found that we can order our numbers from SR Racing in Kentucky and have them in LaPlace sooner than we could get them form a local supplier.

Ain’t that a kick in the head.


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