Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Almost Here

Installment Number 3
6:30 AM Sept. 1, 2008

It is gusty and wet. Isn't that a surprise. We do have tornado alerts occasionally.

Gustave is still slightly off shore and expected to make landfall sometime this morning. Probably within the next two hours. It has weakened but is hanging on.

All of our neighbors have bailed. We will be the only occupied house on either side of the street for a half dozen homes in either direction.

The television people have been going crazy trying to find something to talk about since yesterday. They are providing twenty four hour coverage on an event that only needs to be checked every four to six hours to see a change. It gets boring pretty quick.

I'll keep sending as long as I can. Louisiana Light and Power usually fails when we have heaving rain. They take vacations when real storms show up.



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